Harajuku Fashion Walk in Paris

On september 19 was held the Harajuku Fashion Walk in Paris ! Organized by Junnyan, along with Moco (Kera Magazine model and Faiky Kei fashion designer), the Harajuku Fashion Walk is a meeting event  between harajuku fashion lovers, walking around the city together in a good mood, talking about fashion or everything, great to make new friends and have a good time !

The first Harajuku Fashion Walk was held in 2010, since then there has been more than 18 walks in Tokyo, 1 in Atlanta, and 1 in Paris ! (feel free to correct me if i'm wrong)

I took part of the Paris walk, it was fun and great to meet new people and amazing styles, here are some of the pictures I took !

My outfits


with Moco

The End ~~

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  1. Hi!
    I'm Grazia from Italy and took part to event too (i was the gothic lolita with the scepter), it was a very funny day!!
    We organize fashion walks in Italy too, it's our page: https://www.facebook.com/HarajukuFashionWalkPescara?fref=ts

    Bye, bye~


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