Model spotlight: Soo Joo Park

Meet Soo Joo, a Korean model that literaly caught my attention by her long blonde hair. Kind of random, yes, but I swear I've never seen an asian rocking the blonde hair like that. Of course some women can beautifuly fit the blonde hair like Rila Fukushima or Soo Young Kang.
To be quite honest I don't even know if I would have noticed her with her black hair, I don't mean it in a bad way because she's a beautiful woman, but for Soo Joo I feel like the blond hair literaly put the highlight on her beautiful face and it makes me feel like she's special.

  Born in Seoul, Soo Joo Park started modeling after she got noticed while doing her shopping, she's now an international model, shooting for magazines like VOGUE, W Magazine, Dazed ans Confused, Elle, and walk for prestigious designers during the New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

I have first noticed Soo Joo while doing my online shooping. Soo Joo is shooting for stores like Pixiemarket and Urban Outfitters. At first, while getting interested in her, I think I'm not the only one, she reminded me of Daul Kim. It's not physical, it was more about an overall feeling. But now I can say that Daul and Soo Joo definitly give me two diferents feeling. Soo Joo's charisma is strong yet so pure. She is stunning

About Soo Joo:

Nationality: South Korean
Birth: 1986 
Height: 178 cm 
Hair: Black (now dyed in blonde) 
Eyes: Brown 
Agencies: ESteem Models, Wilhelmina, Monster Management, Union London 
Nickname: Sooj 
Describe your style: "Instinctive and emotional" 
Your fashion tip: "Be open to adventures. Accept tips and references, but make your own judgment." 
Your icon: "David Bowie and Charlotte Rampling." 
What is fashion for you: "Fashion is my opportunity to morph into multifarious dimensions of expressions. I love it." 
How do you spend your free time: "I make music with my band, read, and watch a lot of films." 
Projects for the future: "Learning and creating music." 
Your biggest dream: "Being happy." 
What do you love the most: "Happiness."
 Find Soo Joo: 

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