The EGYPTOFUNK collection by Balenciaga

  Join the weird trip of the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2012 EGYPTOFUNK collection. I am totally in love with these retro-futuristic printed jumper, it's like a cinematic sci-fi feel from the 80's. It's retro and kind of geek but the avant-garde french designer of Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière, managed to make it in a very modern and sophisticated way. It's terrific.

 The graphics includes a shiny Sphinx, Vegas Skyline, and Glitter Girl graphics. The collection is consisting of t-shirts, sweatshirts and jumpers, but I'm putting the highlight on the jumper.

They are oversized, like twice your actual size, a very manly look but I think they are actually very fun to wear in a challenging way, and it's very interesting to see how those ladies are all wearing the same collection but are all giving a different style for a very different feeling

You can buy the EGYPTOFUNK collection at the Balenciaga website, you can find the casual t-shirts and the oversized jumper, you can also check the men colletion because... why not !

But not everyone can spend $500 for a sweatshirt, at least I can't. But as always it is possible to find some highly inspired EGYPTOFUNK sweatshirts, here is what I have found so far:

 These are from choies.com. The top left one is out of stock but might be re-stocked, you can get it here for 43$. You can get the right one here for 43$. The jumper the model is wearing is available here for 60$

MINUSEY and ROMWE are selling the same jumper model. The black pullover is available for 60$ at ROMWE. It's almost sold out so hurry up ! MINUSEY is also selling the black model but for 68$ here. My favorite is the white one, I might buy it very soon here for 68$

This one is also from MINUSEY for 60$ here

 From Stylenanda, "Space Odyssey" print black and red here for 60$ and the animal odyssey print here for 41$

and to finish you can grab those sweatshirts on ebay for 53$: here, here and here

Your thought on the EGYPTOFUNK collection ?

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  1. really cool, i love this post! x
    apart form this, i also love the kenzo tiger and the givenchy rottweiler, i haven't seen if you posetd about them but they are everywhere too!


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