Men's fashion post

In February I made a post with my favorites pages from my favorite Japanese women's fashion magazines, today I wanted to post some eyecandy for you girls (or boys ;)) and maybe some inspirations/ideas for you guys with my favorites pages from many japanese men's fashion Magazine !

Those pictures are mostly from the April and May issues of the magazines Men's non-no, Ollie Magazine, Choki-Choki, Men's Fudge, Mens Joker, Warp Magazine, Fine Boys, Smart Magazine, Samurai Elo and Rudo Magazine !

Warning: Pictures heavy !
Men's Fudge Magazine
Matsuda Shota
Sen Mitsuji
Fine Boys Magazine

Yamamoto Yusuke

 Choki Choki Magazine

Men's Non-no

 Sakaguchi Kentaro
Komatsu Fumiya
 Sakaguchi Kentaro
 Sakaguchi Kentaro and Shuntaro Yanagi
Shohei Yamashita
Shohei Yamashita
Shohei Yamashita

Ollie Magazine

ONE OK ROCK April issue
Toru and Tomoya
Ryota and boyfriend Taka
Ollie Magazine May issue

Men's Joker Magazine

Sen Mitsuji

Yamamoto Yusuke - Smart Magazine April issue
Nobuaki Kaneko - Rudo Magazine June issue
TOTALFAT - Ollie Magazine June issue
JESSE Mcfaddin - Samurai Magazine June issue
Rob - Samurai Magazine May issue
VERBAL - Samurai Magazine
VERBAL - Warp Magazine may issue
VERBAL - Warp Magazine may issue
VERBAL - Warp Magazine

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