AMOYAMO is a duo made of AMO and AYAMO,
 both are Harajuku models, singers, and friends since 2005. 
In 2010 they officialy created the duo AMOYAMO and started to mostly do everything together. But unlike another duo like AMIAYA, they both have their own style and I really like it ! 
 Today I want to put the spotlight on AYAMO alone because she is one of my favorite model with Seto Ayumi.
Around the internet i've realised that the cute and angelic AMO is getting a lot of love and seems to be everyone's favorite, which make me want to post about AYAMO alone even more !  

 I love AYAMO because of her "rock" style. She's tattooed, she is skateboarding and wear sneakers most of the time. Her clothing style is more boy-ish, punk-ish, whatever you want to call it, but yet she is still very cute and girly in her way.
Her make up is always on point and she has gorgeous long hair, she's even dyeing them pink/purple sometimes. I love everything about her style because it's something close to what I love to wear so she is a nice inspiration for me !

AMOYAMO are modeling since 2005, they are categorized in the Aomoji-kei style.
It basically consist of wearing whatever you want the way you want without caring if the result is going to be attractive or not, you just wear what you are feeling and what you love.
The key point is to coordinate everything and it can be kind of a challenge.
 The Aomoji-kei models ends up wearing different styles, switching from kawaii to grunge or everything else if they like so.
It's a freetyle !

That's pretty much the style of most of the popular harajuku models, whoever, the most loved and popular are, in my opinion, those who still have a very personal touch in their look and coordinates, which makes you say "that's so her !".

AMOYAMO are recurrent models for Zipper Magazine
Like every popular models in Japan the two have their own make up brands and are endorsing fashion brands like Candy Stripper and WEGO.  

Amo and Ayamo have different tastes and style, so they are also independently modeling for different magazines.  

AMO can sometime be seen in KERA Magazine and is endorsing brands that she loves like Katie or Angelic Pretty, while AYAMO is also modeling for streetwear magazines like Samurai ELO Magazine or Warp Magazine 

with Kyary and Seto Ayumi

That's exactly why I love Ayamo, there is not so many harajuku models who are modeling for manly/hip-hop/punk/skateboards magazines ! Ayamo loves punk-metal-hardcore music (I heard she is a fan of Maximum The Hormone, yay girl !) and she is also skateboarding, she's like a badass cutie punk model, I love it !
I honestly wish to see her more in those magazines, like Ollie Magazine for exemple, and it would be great if she could endorse more skateboarding brands like she lately do for Thrasher via WEGO.

AMOYAMO are also singers, they debuted on august 2012 with a first mini-album titled "A☆M☆O☆Y★A★M★O" produced by Kawase Tomoko also known as Tommy february6/Tommy heavenly6 ! Like Nakata Yasutaka did for Kyary, Kawase Tomoko managed to fuse their personalities in the songs, it's girly, sweet and pink, but hey, there is some guitars and heavy drums !


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  1. Aomoji-kei sounds fun!! *-* Interesting entry, her style is sure adorable! ♥

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