M.I.A. teamed up with Versace's Versus label and designed this collection inspired by the fake Versace sold on the streets by pop-up street shops and flea market vendors .
The singer commented: "When I was approached by Versace, it seemed like a good idea to take that and reverse the cycle. Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it's Versace bootlegging the bootleg for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg. This is to keep that cycle going.
Donatella Versace added "I love the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. suggested we use bootlegs of Versace, I thought it was such an incredible idea. The collection is everything that I love about the new Versus Versace - it's fast, loud, unafraid, and brings together the worlds of music and fashion."

You can shop the collection right now at Versace's website

Photography by Jamie Martínez


Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival: AMIAYA, moumoon, SPYAIR and Anna Tsuchiya !

I am back with the second part of my weekend at the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival that took place in Vincennes (Paris) from september 20 to 22.
One of the big good point of this festival was the music line-up ! 3 Days of outdoor live concerts !

Line-up day 1: » Bijo ♂ MEN Z » Kumisolo » AMIAYA » DJ livetune
Line-up day 2: » moumoon » SHONEN KNIFE
Line-up day 3: » Bijo ♂ MEN Z » SPYAIR » Anna Tsuchiya

I unfortunatly didn't managed to see DJ livetune, Kumisolo and SHONEN KNIFE. But i had an amazing time at the concerts of AMIAYA, moumoon, SPYAIR and Anna Tsuchiya ! It was my first time seeing those artists live, and for most of them (exept Anna) it was their first concert in France/Europe !
The weather was really good and the audience was receptive so i think both the artists and the fans had a great time !


The first show I saw was AMIAYA ! The singer KARINA opened the show with "Take me Higher", a catchy dance/pop song. Then AMIAYA came on stage. As you might know i love those twins ! I've been following them since their modeling days and i am very happy to see that they are working hard in their music career, and i think the result is quite good !
I love their songs but i was a bit worried about how could their live performances look like. They don't really dance and don't have a special visual concept so i was wondering how they would catch the audience. To my surprise, they are DJing live ! I knew AMI and AYA had DJs activities a few years ago but I didn't know they were still into it. The whole thing is sure not "amazing" but i think it really nice and I really enjoyed it. The sisters were both at the opposite side of the long table with their sound materials and were switching from singing and DJing. They performed most of their songs including "Play That Music", "Magic Color", "Dio" and my personal favorite, "Starline"
They were wearing really cute Kimonos, yellow and pink (sorry I forgot which one was AYA/AMI, they really are perfect twins). After two songs they dropped the Kimonos for more fashionable outfits, from their brand Jouetie i suppose. 

I don't know if it's because it was their first live outside Japan but I wish they would interact more with the audience, make us sing more, make us clap our hands, make us jump, scream at the mic to really set up the mood. I was in the front row so we were having fun but I don't know how the audience reacted behind me. And maybe it's also because it was an overseas show and they couldn't bring too much staff, but I think maybe some dancers could be nice to make the stage a little bit more lively. Not that it bothered me, but i am a fan so I might be biased, but having some dancers around might be better to make an audience that do not know who AMIAYA are a little more receptive and lively.

AMIAYA had a meet & greet with fans after their live. Those who bought their album/single could meet Ami and Aya, for a signature and a picture ! I really wanted a picture with them but i had no money to buy the CDs so i just watched the meet and greet *ugly sob* But I was basically just in front of them during the whole thing because it was really chill-out with no security and barely any staff, so they smiled and waved at me time to time because i was taking pictures with my phone.
Oh, and before the concert i went to the toilet and i bumped into Ami and Aya, we shared the mirror for a make-up re-touch ! So close ! I was so surprised, i think they realized that I was a fan haha, my face was priceless.

My camera battery died just before the show started, i only took those bad quality pictures above with my phone, do thank you to my friend Camille for these close-up pictures:


Next is moumoon ! moumoon is without a doubt my favorite live show from the festival ! I did not know much about them but now i will definitely keep an eye on them ! moumoon is a jpop/rock duo composed of Kosuke Masaki (Guitar) and the wonderful YUKA (singer). The songs are really catchy and they sound really good live. YUKA is always smiling and has a very good contact with the audience. They enchanted the whole audience and it was very easy to sing along with YUKA and everyone was clapping their hands and dancing especially during (click for fancams) "Spark", "Sunshine Girl", "Bon Appétit", "Dreamer Dreamer", "Moonlight", "Love is Everywhere" and their new song "Love before we die". A great live !


The J-rock band SPYAIR was probably the most awaited concert from the festival ! Like ONE OK ROCK or UVERWORLD, SPYAIR is one of those j-rock bands who has a lot of fans overseas. I am not one of those fans. I actually don't know many songs from this band but of course i have heard about them a lot and saw some music videos. The energy was great and the band, especially IKE (singer), was great with the audience. They interracted with the audience many times, make us sing some "woohoo", jump and clap our hands, not hesitating to come closer to the fans in the front row, IKE even jumped in the crowd ! I think the fans had an amazing time and for the non-fans like me it was also a good time. I enjoyed the first 20 minutes of the concert in the 3rd row and then went to the back to watch the show quietly with my friends (fans from the front rows were on fire). SPYAIR then had a meet & greet session with the fans. The mood was the opposite of AMIAYA's meet & greet. Security men everywhere, japanese and french management staff everywhere and we couln't approach them. The good thing is that some fans had the chance to meet the band outside the festival during their free time and from all the fan-accounts I've heard, they are sweethearts ! I actually met the members of SPYAIR outside the festival too, we walked next to them before entering the festival one morning, but my friends and I did not recognized them at first so we didn't talk.That's quite a big fail.

☆Anna Tsuchiya

The final act of the festival was Anna Tsuchiya ! Anna Tsuchiya is extremly loved by the j-music community in France and she has a lot of supporters. I left the SPYAIR live show just before the end to go to the meet & greet of Anna. It was the end so there wasn't much people, she had to go backstages to change and get ready to perform, but she stopped at every fans asking her for pictures. Despite her staff pushing her to leave and telling the fans to move away, Anna stopped at every fans with such a big smile.
 I was really surprised by her kindness. And she is a gorgeous woman. She was so cute in her floral dress. I was quite mesmerize by her being so close to me so i didn't take much pictures of this moment.
Anna Tsuchiya then closed the festival with her concert. Many workers and artists from the pop-up shops inside the hall of the festival left their booth to go outside and watch Anna Tsuchiya. My favorite moments were of course when sang her most popular songs like (click for fancams)" Kuroi Namida", "LUCY", "Rose" or "Carry On". She already came a few times in France but it was my first time seeing Anna so i was really happy, and the Nana fan that I am was really excited !

Thank you for reading !

Do not re-post the pictures without proper credits, thank you !
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