M.I.A. teamed up with Versace's Versus label and designed this collection inspired by the fake Versace sold on the streets by pop-up street shops and flea market vendors .
The singer commented: "When I was approached by Versace, it seemed like a good idea to take that and reverse the cycle. Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it's Versace bootlegging the bootleg for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg. This is to keep that cycle going.
Donatella Versace added "I love the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. suggested we use bootlegs of Versace, I thought it was such an incredible idea. The collection is everything that I love about the new Versus Versace - it's fast, loud, unafraid, and brings together the worlds of music and fashion."

You can shop the collection right now at Versace's website

Photography by Jamie Martínez

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