Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival in Paris

From september 20 to 22 was held the first edition of the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival in Paris ! Unlike many other festival about Japan who are mainly concentrated on Mangas, animes and cosplay, the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival presented the japanese pop culture through many themes like Fashion, Kawaii culture, Music or food. Many brands and artists from Japan presented their arts, music, clothing for the first time in France !

The festival took place in a nice hall at Vincennes, near Paris, and was divided in parts:
Shibuya 109: Clothing pop-up shops from the famous silver building !
Harajuku: The colorful Harajuku style through fashion, music and art
Akihabara: Maid Café, videos games, DDR, Cosplay, fun fun fun
Nippon: Traditional Japanese culture

I went to the festival the three days and I had a lot of fun ! I have met amazing people and had a wonderful time meeting each of them ! The mood was so nice and friendly. The shop staff/assistants from the Japanese clothing brands were all so nice ! Everyone was taking their time to talk with you with a big smile ! Friday was the best day because there wasn't too much people so it was very friendly and chill-out !

I was happy to meet Chocomoo again and i am looking forward to her next visit in France ! I also discovered the unique artist Shojonotomo and was amazed by her art !

I was also extremly happy to finally meet Galaxxxy ! I had a nice chat with the designer/staff who personally thanked me for my Galaxxxy post from my blog ! I was very surprised that he knew who i was, one of my best memory for sure! They are all so nice, i am sure everyone who came to the festival had a very good time at Galaxxxy !
Glad News were also there ! I wish i was rich because i would have buy everything ! Everything was so cool and pretty !

The festival also had an outdoor scene, i will post about the concerts of AMIAYA, Moumoon, Anna Tsuchiya and SPYAIR in a second post !

For now, here are the maaaaaaaaany pictures i took of the festival.

with Shizu-chan
with Chocomoo
with Kimura U

stay tuned for the pictures of the concerts !

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