galaxxxy rocks!!!

Today i want to introduce one of my favorite brand/store from Japan, Galaxxxy !

Established in Shibuya in 2007 by Hiromi Kishii (later joined by Jun Arai and loco2kit), Galaxxxy is influenced by styles from the 50s to 90s, including music, arts and mangas, making the brand what we could call “new street” fashion. It's bright, energetic, crazy, fun ! Wear Galaxxxy and you will stand out from the crowd !

With now 4 stores in Shibuya and Harajuku, a café, a press room and a dessing room, Galaxxxy has a very strong amount of loyal fans who follows the latest collections of the brand, wearing their edgy apparels, going to the various Galaxxxy gallery events and exhibitions, and partying at the coolest places with mixtapes of galaxy's recommended DJs !

This can be called the Galaxxy lifestyle !

Galaxxxy customers are also huge fans of animes.
In 2008 the brand collaborated for the first time with the anime series Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel, leading the trend of the fashion brands collaborating with anime characters for the past few years.

 The brand collaborates with many artists and illustrators like Ayako Hishinuma who made one of the most known logo t-shirt of the brand.
Some of the well known Galaxxy's collaborations collections are with SEGA, My Little Pony, Dirty Pair or Gyakuten saiban 5.

Since then, Galaxxxy gathered customers from Harajuku fashion lovers, which made the brand enhance the 90s style and colorfuls outfits, getting closer to the Harajuku style.

I am working at clothing shops and i got to say that Galaxxxy store would be my dream shop to work at.

It's loudly colorful and extremely appealing, i absolutely love it !

Here are some of my favorites Galaxxxy outfits

 Galaxxxy is slowly getting worldwide with pop up shops in L.A and exhibitions in Europe and the US. Galaxxxy will be in France, Paris, for the first time from september 20 to 23 at the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Festival and will sell exclusives outfits like the Galaxxy x Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel collection ! So don't miss it !

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