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 Hi everyone ! It's been a while isn't ? Don't worry I have no intention to let my blog die but I am having a hard time finding time to properly update this blog ! I actually had like 3 posts ideas in my drafts but I never found the time to finish them and it is now not very relevant to publish them so they're all deleted !
 Summer is here and I will try to take some time to post regularly again because there's so many things I want to share with you guys and I now end up these 3 months of hiatus with this improvised photoshoot post !
My brother went to Japan for 6 weeks last month, he visited many places like Osaka, Okinawa, Kyoto, Kobe and of course Tokyo ! I have still to be patient since I will not be able to leave my work for vacation until next year, but my trip to Japan is definitely happening !!
I didn't asked for some souvenirs, that's not really my thing, but there was one thing I couldn't wait anymore to wear, it's a subciety tee !!

Subciety is a japanese, Tokyo based, clothing brand, created by GEN. Through these past ten years, subciety became a solid reference in the japanese rock-punk/skateboarding scene.
Many badass bands from Japan like TOTALFAT, RIZE, SiM, coldrain, ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D, ONE OK ROCK, Pay Money To My Pain, MAN WITH A MISSION, My First Story or 10-FEET are regularly wearing the subciety, which made fans quickly adopt the brand, subciety having now a significant amounts of very cool faithful customers, who are all linked by a lifestyle and the same passion of music and riding sports like skateboarding or freestyle BMX.

  Other brands are being sold under subciety, mostly created/designed by close friends of the subciety staff, like NineMicrophones, the brand of the late Pay Money To My Pain singer K, GARMENTS/HiLDK, or SLIP&CO by JESSE from RIZE/TheBonez !
For so many reasons subciety is a brand that speaks to me, so you can't even imagine how genuinely happy I was when my brother came back with my tee !

I didn't have any intention to take any pictures of it at first but here I am, publishing hundreds of pictures of myself wearing my new favorite t-shirt while chilling around my hometown !


Official Website
Facebook international

I am dedicating this post to Alan ;)

2 commentaires:

  1. Je ne connaissais pas du tout et je trouve que ça te correspond vraiment :)

    J'aime découvrir de plus en plus de sous-genre au Japon, et tout ça m'a l'air bien cool !

    1. Oui !! Ce qui est génial c'est vraiment le côté "famille" qu'il y a entre tout les adhérents de la marque, et le fait qu'il soit très facile d'aborder le staff de ses marques et qu'en plus d'être une marque, ils représentent un style de vie et des opinions.


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