Fig&Viper 2014 Spring Collection: Cotton Candy Grunge

The Tokyo brand Fig&Viper unveiled their Spring 2014 collection titled Cotton Candy Grunge !

 The 2014 concept, "IT GIRL CLIQUE", is described as fashion inspired from cities all around the world. "It Girls" being constantly sensitive to fashion and expressing themselves with clothes and Make-up, insipired by everyone and everything around her

 No doubt that the shop owner, Alisa Ueno, and her team, got inspired from their many travels. Alisa has been traveling around the world a lot since she became the producer of the brand in 2011.
The japanese model, DJ and shop owner is a real inspiration for many "it girls" in japan and her popularity is also rising online around the world.
I suggest you to take a look at her recent interview with MTV81, Alisa is showing us the Fig&Viper stores in Tokyo and her showroom !

I don't think i am wrong saying that her concept of "it girl Clique" consist of what she has been living since these past few years, being herself inspired by people and stuff she sees all around the world, and as a result many girls are getting inspired by her and what she come out with her brand every seasons. It's a circle.
If you're one of Alisa and Fig&Viper followers, welcome to the "It Girl Clique"!

 The Spring collection of the brand, that we could now categorize in "NeoGal", is all about pastel and grunge, as you could guess from its title. I am loving the palette of the pastel colors, it's sweet yet spicy with the fluffy, denim and jewelries sewn on items, added by some holographic accessories, for a girly grunge look.

Check it out !

"Cotton Candy Grunge" Spring 2014 Collection lookbook:
Photography by Christian Carrera
Model: Margaux Brooke
Showroon pictures by キベル まや

Fig&Viper: websiteinternational webshopfacebooktwitterinstagram

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