Last night Iwas in Paris at the Panic Room bar for the TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES !

The show was shorter than expected due to some random issues I won't talk about, but they were great !

It was so crazy ! There is no other group like TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES. The three girls definitely have charisma on stage and the three muscians were amazing ! Everything is live and sounds very good.

My brother was making fun of me because all the day I was saying that they are going to throw food on us during the show ! The TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES likes to throw spaghetti, eggs and alcohol on their public haha. So I was sure it was going to happen, my brother was saying no because it’s a little show blablabla

and guess what ? haha they are so crazy. After one of the song, an interlude came and the girls started eating some pain au chocolat very slowly and everyone was like O.o wtf, even me! And the second later: BAM a pain au chocolat in my boobs ! lmao no one saw this coming and here we were having some bread in hour face/hair, and boobs for me hahaha

Another very WTF moment was when Nabe and Qrea were forcing Yuka to eat strawberries, and after the flying pain au chololat moment, we all took a few step back, you know, just in case she want to spit the strawberries out of her mouth. Well…. she did, but on herself ! Crazyyyy

The girls are like possessed on stage. Nabe is the one that I loved the most. She’s staring at everyone’s eyes ! An amazing stare, she comes in the public to dance and drink other people alcohol haha. She’s a bit scary too… haha !
And surprisingly Qrea also got a lot of my attention because of her dancing ! She was so in transe, dancing like she was possessed by an african voodoo, I swear ! And her moves are amazingly so beautiful and fierce, she was amazing

 I’m so disapointed they didn’t managed to perform “LSD” ! I was sooo waiting for this song ! But they performed “M.I.A.M.I” ! I fucking love this track and I’m not the only one because everyone went NUTS when the song started ! We were all jumping and pushing ! A hot mess !

They are doing another show in Paris saturday  but I can’t go so I hope they will comeback next year !

Great experience !

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  1. "My brother [...] blablabla"

    Haha exactement pareil avec ma soeur x) (Yuka m'a craché dessus huhu, coquinoute *out*)

    "Another [...] Crazyyyy"
    Je crois que sa réputation de cracheuse va la suivre à vie car le 26 aussi tout le monde s'est décalé o/

    Le 26 à la Gaîté Lyrique, nous avons eu un petit bug, il n'y avait plus de son durant un petit moment x) je pense que ça a grignoté une petite partie du spectacle puisque le groupe est quand même partie à l'heure prévue (Trippple Nippples ne faisait que la première partie de Chk chk chk). Le groupe nous a quand même divertie (Yuka a fait la bise à une bonne partie du public, ...).

    J'en ai donc profité pour demander un autographe o/ *honteux* et Yuka m'a donné . . . une tomate (les tomates équivalaient aux fraises du 21 apparemment) ! Sur l'autographe trois mamelles remplacent les "PPP" de "Trippple Nippples" x) c'était assez drôle.

    Comme je ne connaissais pas toutes les chansons, j'étais encore plus émerveillé, et surpris !

    Un super show (vraiment très très court) !


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