Mademoiselle Yulia: HARAJUKU WANDER

I post about Mademoiselle Yulia almost every months but I just can't help it, she is flawless.

Tokyo's coolest woman is back with a second album titled "WHATEVER HARAJUKU", set to be released on september 18, almost two years after her first album "Mademoworld". The DJ, designer and singer also released the music video of her title track "Harajuku Wander".

I absolutely LOVE the concept, visuals and styling (can't say the same about the song tbh). She is with her crew, staff members of the Harajuku's stores like Faline, DOG, GR8 and SPIRAL, you can also see Kiko Mizuhara, Yuya Nara, Yu Akimoto or Ikeda Hirari.
Mademoiselle Yulia was the director and artistic director of her own video, wearing designers like Astrid Andersen, KTZ, Meat Clothing, Jeremy Scott or Nasir Mazhar.

Take a look at the HARAJUKU WANDER Behind The Scenes MV pictures


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