Hi everyone !!! Last week i went to Paris for JAPAN EXPO, the largest convention in europe about the japanese culture with cosplay, mangas/animes, videos games, food, traditional culture, fashion and music !

I used to go every years when i was in junior highschool and highschool but i ended up going once every two years depending on the music programming. Last year was a great Japan Expo with concerts of MAN WITH A MISSION, FLOW, Hemenway or KYARY PAMYU PAMYU. The showcases were so awesome that MAN WITH A MISSION and KYARY came back to europe earlier this year to do a proper europe tour.
But this year none of the music acts interested me so i wasn't really planning of going, until i heard the amazing guests for the fashion parts of the expo !

The JAPAN FASHION DAYS, the name of the fashion part of the expo, were searching for models for their fashion show. I sent my pictures without really believing i could get a positive answer and BAM they took me to walk for the HARAJUKU KAWAII fashion show ! But I will talk about this amazing day later on a second post !

This year, NHK WORLD, Harajuku Kawaii and Kawaii International took part of JAPAN EXPO and i mostly spend my days around these booths.

The NHK WORLD Booth was extremly cute ! It was designed by Masuda Sebastian, director of 6%DOKIDOKI. The artist Chocomoo was an all days guest to show her live painting ! She is absolutely amazing ! I had the chance to chat with her a little and she is so so cool ! I am so happy I had the chance to meet her !

Miho Imoda, the designer of spinns was also here to customize your clothes ! She did an amazing work ! The director of spinns, God Kyohei was also always around. I met him a few times and he's so awesome ! It's really GOD Kyohei !

The NHK WORLD booth was the place to be to meet all the cutest and well dressed french girls and special guests like MINORI, Tiffany Godoy or the Harajuku models ! 

Live Painting DAY 1
Live painting DAY 3
Miho Imoda
 With Chocomoo and Kyohei

Minori came to explain the Shironuri Kei. I didn't know anything about it until this day but i was fascinated by her.

the before-after of this girl is amazing, by Minori

The Harajuku Kawaii booth was heaven for me, too bad there wasn't too much clothes ! They were selling some harajuku brands like Glad News, Namaiki, Spinns or NADIA. The Harajuku models Una, Seto Ayumi, Yura, Aoyagi Fumiko and the chinese model Eva Cheung were also there to take pictures with the fans with the "Harajuku kawaii" background. There was also a Kyary space with Mabeshima and Kyary goodies, cute !

I really wanted to buy this dress
Eva Cheung
Seto Ayumi and Eva
Aoyagi Fumiko, Yura, Seto Ayumi Eva

There was many many cute clothes and accessories at the dedicated space for the young designers

Tsubasa Masuwaka came to talk about make up but I did not met her because I overslept this morning (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 
And to finish this first JAPAN EXPO post, I met UNA the last day. I was with her the day before for the Harajuku kawaii fashion show but i was happy to meet her again the day after so we took a picture together again at the Fuji Camera booth.
 I love UNA

I'll be back in a few days to talk about the HARAJU KAWAII fashion show !

All the pictures are mine so please credit if you use them !

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