Gimme Gimme #1

So since I'm the only one running this blog now, the blog will pretty much consist of me posting things I like, I did, I want.... a personal blog like any other. I will continue in french for a few words:
Si certains d'entre vous aimiez le blog uniquement pour les articles de mon frère qui consistait à vous faire découvrir des choses plus intéressantes et profondes,  je pense que ce blog n'est plus pour vous. Bien sûr libre à vous de me suivre ou pas

I will make some changes in the blog as soon as possible, I want to go for a much simple layout but I need to find the time to do that, also, my personal computer died so for now I can't do as much as before.

For today I just want to start the Gimme Gimme session, which consist of posting everything I want and cry because I will probably never have half of it.

But today is a special day... ISH MA BIRTHDAY !!!
So of course feel free to ask my home address if you want to send me one of these stuff :

Mishka keep watch socks / asos cross & spike cuff / ebay Studded cap / Vans Old Skool / Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Heel Wedge Sneakers / なめねこ×galaxxxy cat shirt / Unif green Hail top / Lazy oaf Batman Backpack / Alexander Mcqueen skull ring / black pearl & cross wristlet / f*ck you ring / I have no idea where this floral-frame-wolf shirt is coming from / The La Mer x Karmaloop watch / UNIF Garter Skirt

I think for this autumn my outifs will be a lot more dark and kind of boyish.
 comme des fuckdown* beanie / boylondon tee / The ragged priest studded jacket/ H&M acid wash denim pants / Black suede creepers

oh yeah, I also got my first tattoos for my birthday ! 

 "Love the life you live
Live the life you love"
 - Bob Marley

I really love it ! And it didn't hurt at all but I think these parts of the arm is where it hurt the less anyway.

I'll be back next week with a PARIS FASHION WEEK mega post !

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