MURUA by Momoko Ogihara

Here is one of my favorite japanese fashion icon, Momoko Ogihara (荻原桃子).

Momoko first debuted has a model for many japanese fashion magazines

Her passion for fashion and her amazing sense of style lead her to finally run her own fashion brand in 2006, MURUA.  

Momoko Ogihara is in my opinion the most outstanding model by her natural elegence and a certain visual charisma.

She is now successful by being the head designer of MURUA

  With MURUA, Momoko is bringing a feminine style, charming and classy. But it can also be very colorful, which makes me particulary love MURUA.

Her blog is really popular among the japanese readers and I'm sure among a lot of foreigner readers who are looking for great styles and inspirations.

Momoko Ogihara is the queen of coordinating. She's posting a lot of pictures of her and her staff with coordinates outfits. From make-up, accessories and jewelries, to shoes and clothing. Everything about Momoko is very chic and the coordinates are well thought.

It's never too much and she always stay with the basics. Only a little something will be the key point of the look.

I love the way she can bring a simple coordinate elegant look, but yet she makes it quite interesting with just a touch of accessories and colors, like the way she often break the dark elegant style with colorful combinations.

Momoko Ogihara is definitely one of the best inspirating gyaru and I think she's one of the major influence for mode gals. 
You can found Momoko Ogihara on

Your thought on Momoko and MURUA ?

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